THEMIX Plastics, Inc.

Specialty compounder of electrically conductive plastic solutions for ESD protection, ATEX standard, EMI shielding, thermally conductive, and plastic electrode applications.


"Your solution is in THEMIX"
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Electrically Conductive Plastics
THEMIX Plastics is a specialty electrically conductive thermoplastic compounder located in Johnson Creek, Wisconsin.  Our primary product is Service. The raw materials we manufacture and sell in pellet form are the end result of communication, vision, simplicity, experience, and technology.  We focus on developing "material solutions" for your demanding applications in conductive thermoplastic materials using most polymers available. Specializing in electrically conductive material and static dissipative plastic materials, EMI shielding, thermally conductive, thermoplastic elastomers, plastic electrode material, carbon nanotubes and flame retardants compounded to your far-reaching material specification.
Thermally Conductive Plastic Material

THEMIX will first listen, then offer custom specialty material pellet solutions for short run or large quantities in the following categories:


Ø      Electrically Conductivity Plastic

Ø      Static Dissipation-ESD Plastic Pellets

Ø      EMI Shielding

Ø      Thermoplastic Elastomers

Ø      Flame Retardant (including non-halogenated)

Ø      Temperature Resistance

Ø      Structural/ Reinforced (including carbon nanotubes)

Ø      Lubricated/Wear-resistance

Ø      Thermally Conductive material

ATEX Standards

Plastic Electrodes

Please click on our single-page, Product-Line matrix, highlighting our abilities in formulating material solutions with most resins and polymers available using conductive and static dissipative additives including carbon fiber, carbon black, carbon nanotubes, stainless steel fiber, IDP(Inherently Dissipative Polymer) materials, compounded to your distinct specifications including ATEX Standards.  Please click on the link below:

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