THEMIX Plastics, Inc

Specialty compounder of electrically conductive plastic solutions for ESD protection, ATEX standard, EMI shielding, thermally conductive, and plastic electrode applications.


Material Categories & Related Applications
 Reinforced (nonconductive material) THE-COMP
Flame Retardant                             THE-FLAM
 Additive(s):  Glass Fiber and or mineral  Additive(s):  H: Halogen and ECO- nonhalogen
 Polymers used: most polymers, some Elastomers,  most Fluoropolymers  Polymers used:  Wide variety of nonhalogen, several with halogen
 Applications in use: Unlimited uses for reinforced materials  Applications in use:  ECO friendly/ nonhalogenated products

 Carbon Fibers                                     THE-CON  Carbon Nanotubes                          THE-CON
 Additive(s):  Carbon Fiber  Additive(s):  Carbon Nanotubes
 Polymers used: Commodities, Engineered resins, High Temperature, Fluoropolymers  Polymers used:  Commodities, Engineering, High Temperature, Fluoropolymers
 Applications in use:  Conductive properties with high strength  Applications in use:  High Conductivity with low loading

Conductive Plastic Materials       THE-CON  Static Dissipative                      THE-CON CR
 Additive(s):  Carbon Black with and without reinforcement  Additive(s):  IDP Alloys, Carbon Black with controlled resistance
 Polymers used: Commodities, Engineered resins, High Temperature, Elastomers, Fluoropolymers  Polymers used:  Commodities, Engineering, High Temperature, Elastomers, Fluoropolymers
Applications in use:  ESD Sensitive Electronics Packaging, Trays  Applications in use:  ESD sensitive electronic packaging, colorable

Previously THEMIX Plastics, Inc was known as Premix Thermoplastics, Inc.  Follow the link for more information on our electrically conductive polymers/plastics.

EMI Shielding                THE-CON  EMI         Highly Conductive                         THE-CON ELX
 Additive(s):  Stainless Steel, Carbon and or Nickel Coated Carbon Fibers  Additive(s):  Plastic Electrode Materials
 Polymers used: Commodities, Engineered resins, High Temperature, Elastomers  Polymers used:  Commodities, Some Engineered resins, Some High Temperature, Fluoropolymers
 Applications in use:  Colorable electronic circuitry, PC board enclosures  Applications in use:  High Conductivity with low loading Plastic Electrodes

Thermally Condcutive Material       THE-THERM  Wear Resistant                   THE-LUBE
 0.5-8.0  W/mK  Additive(s):  PTFE, Graphite, and or silicone
 Polymers used: Some Commodities, Engineered polymers, Some High Temperature, One Elastomer, Fluoropolymers  Polymers used:  Some Commodities, Engineered resins, Most High Temperature, Fluoropolymers
 Applications in use:  Accelerated Heat Transfer, Heat sensitive, Elastomer Friendly  Applications in use:  Lubricant Impregnation

High Density                                                              THE-DENSE
 2-8 g/cm squared
 Polymers used: Most Commodity, Some Engineered Polymers, Most High Temperature, Flouoropolymers
 Applications in use:  Immitation metal, Weight Enhancement